Your voice says a lot about you.

This tool accurately measures your voice frequency and analyzes it to determine if you are a voicecel or not. The tool is designed to help you understand your voice and how it is perceived by others.

Please speak loudly and clearly while we record your voice for 10 seconds, we don't store any recordings or results, the entire test is done on the client side and not on our servers, if you can't think of anything to say you can read this script."I am currently testing my voice, my favorite color is blue, the sky is sunny, my voice is loud and clear, I'm using a proper mic, my environment is quiet."

The frequency of your voice will display here


Who made this?
It was made by the vers and lukas podcast team.
Community members in our discord expressed an interest in using the tool for themselves so we made it public.What is a voicecel?
A voicecel is someone with a squeaky unaesthetic high voice.
What is a voice frequency?
A voice frequency (VF) or voice band is the range of audio frequencies used for the transmission of speech.
What is a chad?
A really cool guy.